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Notes & Terms of Usage

  • SreeVidya is a browser extenstion which can help you read Samskritham blogs/news/information-portals in any of the supported Indian scripts.
  • The software uses the common sounds which represent letters of all Indian languages derived from Samskritham.
  • Other than Samskritham, SreeVidya can also be used to transliterate between the supported Indian languages (to eachother) with fair degree of success. Eg. It can be used to read Tamil in Malayalam, Bengali in DevNagri etc
  • When transliterating between DevNagri to other scripts, the default behaviour is to assume Samskritham pronunciation. Eg. राम is Rama (not Ram).
  • The browser extensions and CMS plugins (collectively called SreeVidya) should not be invoked on web pages running any financial or other important transactions. They should be used only for transliterating blogs and other readonly portals
  • SreeVidya is currently in Beta phase. Please email the bugs you find to technologist.kj at Gugle.kawm


About Authors

Sreekumar Jairaj
Email : technologist.kj at Gmail

Subhasis Gorai
Email : subhasis.gorai at Gmail